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How to Wear High Heels Without Hurting Your Feet

High heels are almost a must-have fashion accessory for women (and some men), but wearing them can be costly to your foot health, leading to a tremendous amount of physical pain. Heels can even affect areas other than your feet. Learning how to wear high heels without hurting your feet will help you avoid possible negative effects of wearing heels.

  1. First: Measure the size of your feet

    A lot of people think they know their shoe size, but they are often mistaken. Wearing a high-heeled shoe that is too big or small for you can cause a lot of unnecessary pain. Ideally, you should have your feet professionally measured; at the very least, measure them yourself. This will help ensure that all of the high heels you buy are the right size.

  2. Second: Wear heels that are the appropriate height

    Finding a shoe that is the correct height helps avert discomfort and strain on the body. The right height for a shoe depends on its style, your foot shape and your height. To determine if the shoe is too high for you to wear safely, take this test: put the heels on and stand up straight; then rise up on your tiptoes as high as possible. If the back of the heels do not lift at least half an inch from the floor, the shoes are too high for your stature.

  3. Third: Pay attention to the heel's width

    Many people damage their ankles and Achilles tendons by choosing shoes that do not have the proper heel width. If you are wearing a stiletto heel that causes you pain when you walk, you may not be able to tolerate a style that thin. Make sure you choose a shoe that has a heel width wide enough to support you.

  4. Fourth: Change your shoes often

    Your feet will appreciate it if you alternate between different pairs of shoes rather than wear the same shoe all week. It's also a good idea to avoid wearing nothing but high heels to protect your calf muscles from shortening. Every now and then, give your feet a break and slip on a flat shoe.

  5. Fifth: Wear socks and stockings with your shoes

    Make sure to always wear socks or and stockings with your heels. They will act as a cushion and help eliminate any pain or stress caused by the shoes.