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How to Find Heels That Fit Wide Feet

High heels give that sexy, leg-lengthening appearance that every woman wants. Some women, especially with those with wide feet, have a hard time finding the right pair that fits properly. If you have wide feet, you can find a great-looking, comfortable pair of high heels by following a few wimple steps.

  1. First: Look for brands that cater to a wider foot

    There are designer brands that do cater to women with wide feet. Brands like Prada and Yves St. Laurent make the front of their heels wider, so you have those options if you want to try a higher-end brand. Other mid-range brands, including David Tate and Fitzwell, offer good-looking footwear in wide sizes as well. There are many shoe brands that cater to women with wide feet; the best way is to try on the options.

  2. Second: Search this site for great-looking high heels for wide feet

    Peruse this website for many options for high-heeled shoes for wide-footed women. You may find it helpful to look at customers' reviews, so that you can determine whether one brand's concept of "wide" actually does have some relevance for a real woman's wide foot size.

  3. Third: How wide is "wide," anyway?

    Remember that not all wide feet are shaped precisely the same; some wide feet are actually quite narrow at the heel, and some feet are certainly wider than others. Some brands label a shoe with an average width as "wide," and a wide width as "extra wide." Other brands that follow the standard alphabetical widths label wide shoes as either "E," "2E" (or "EE"), "3E" (or "EEE"), and so on. A pair of high heels on a wide-footed woman should fit across the breadth of the foot without causing gapping, and should fit firmly through the heel without flip-flopping.